Brave Frontier Hacks are truly brave.

Brave frontier hacks have been taking a dive in the negative review department and have shown up on the positive side of things with a new update to a once thought to be decrepit system. They seem to be boasting some brand new servers, I managed to check out the apache servers the website that’s currently hosting the hack and they’re referencing some 8gb to 12gb bandwidth heavy computers. It seems like they have a pretty crazy amount of processing for a web application. That is until you realize the online web server is actually interfacing a linux bash script with the information entered in. You have to realize that there are a very large amount of people using this hack daily, that’s a lot of processing needed. If there are 10 people on it every hour then the chances of there being a server overload are not so heavy but when it reaches to about 100 or even 1000 on busy days then there is a very real possibility for a server overload. The hack promises unlimited gems, glu coins and hp while you’re ingame. I managed to take a look at the tool, I tested it out with one of my dummy accounts in retro, it worked. I was as surprised as you are right now. I recommend you check out the brave frontier cheat that’s rocking out the underground hacking world today!


The best game of today is Deer Hunter 2014, let’s talk about it.

IGN’s post is up! Deer Hunter 2014 is the new staple of the new age Clash of Clans esque era. The brave frontier cheat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think isn’t it? Well i’m about to add something as insane to what comes to life for you guys:

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheat

Yes, you’re seeing that right, that’s an actual deer hunter 2014 hack tool, they actually finished the tool before we even finished the goddamn voting session for the best games of today. If that isn’t a sign of serious greatness then I seriously cannot explain how much of a compliment that is to all under ground coders on the team. Anyways, make sure to check out the deer hunter 2014 game on the glu free link:

Youtube is by far the best source for game hacks.

As you know, everyone is still raging about the power of the rejuvenated ask fm tracker. I has absolutely taking the world by storm. Everyone’s been raging about how good it is. Turns out it’s from a youtuber. Although, no one has any idea who this youtuber, looking for the video was only found on dailymotion:

I’m not sure where the accents are from, it’s kinda weird.

Anyway, that will be it from me and the ask fm tracker hype. I guess I just really had to get this crazy amount of sudden info out of my system. This will be the last you hear from me about the ask fm tracker though.

Have a good weekend everyone!

First Post Body Shivers

Hi guys, as you know, this is my first time owning a site ever! I’m very excited to go through the hurdles of owning my own blog, I can’t wait to see what I can do and what challenges I can overcome.

I originally was interested in blogging when I came across the deer hunter 2014 hack on page. I realized that their servers were somewhat speedy, in that moment I thought “Why would someone have such good servers for such random stuff” and that’s when I realized..they made money from it! Everything became clear and my mind opened like I had never experienced before! It was all very surreal and thats when I realized that I had to figure out how exactly people did it. And that’s why i’m here now :D. Also, randomly throwing this out there, I love Sam Pepper, please don’t hate:


My top favorite game hacks off the top would be:

  1. Brave Frontier Hack is in the same league as the brave frontier cheat so don’t get it confused with an inappropriate online module.
  2. Deer Hunter 2014 Hack is the fore front and top runner for this years hackathons new class, make sure to get acquainted with this cheat for deer hunter 2014 today!
  3. Ask Fm Tracker is the one you’ve heard about, it’s the same site that saved that kid’s life, Kayley. It was very interesting seeing something on the underground pop up in the main stream.
  4. Megapolis Hack is a throwback to scripting days. This is a megapolis cheat that despite all facts pointing to the other, still work.